Selena Gomez talks about everything and discovers what is the cure for her mental problems.


Selena Gomez's honest confession: "What helped me solve my mental health problems?"


Selena Gomez’s honest confession


Selena Gomez (29) is one of the public figures who speak openly about mental health problems. She even started the company “Wondermind”, which will be a platform for free help to people with mental health problems.

The star speaks openly about how difficult it is for her to live with bipolar disorder at times and wants to share her experiences with others to help them.

She especially points out the toxicity of social media:


“I have not been online for more than 4 years. It changed my life completely. I’m happier. I am more present and more connected with more people. It makes me feel normal.”, Gomez told the Good Morning America show.


Selena Gomez's honest confession: "What helped me solve my mental health problems?"


On one occasion, the Hollywood star revealed that she had created a system of protection from social networks, so she did not know her profile passwords, a step that was necessary for her to focus on herself.


“I can not believe where I am mentally just because I took the necessary steps to get away from an environment that is simply not normal.”


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Gomez first spoke publicly about the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in April 2020 but says it has progressed since.


“I started to establish a relationship with myself and that is the best thing I did. I have never been happier. We, as human beings, want to be understood and seen and heard. And sometimes it’s okay to be wrong.

There were and still are days when I just can’t get out of bed and I set up my platform just to help people when they have such days.”


Selena Gomez's honest confession: "What helped me solve my mental health problems?"


On other occasions, Gomez talked about mental health problems and periods when she thought she would help herself with alcohol and partying, but she did the opposite.


“My lupus, kidney transplant, chemotherapy, mental illness, going through public love separations, all those things honestly knocked me down. Every time I went through something like this I wondered what else would happen to me next, what else would I have to deal with…? And then I decided to help others and that is what really keeps me going.”


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