Teaching children to love animals is commendable, but Paris Hilton‘s recent Instagram video sparked criticism as it showed her 11-month-old son, Phoenix, being licked by their pet dog.

Paris Hilton Criticized After Posting A Video Of A Dog Licking Her Son


Paris Hilton Faces Backlash for Letting Dog Lick Son’s Face in Instagram Video

Hilton aimed to showcase early bonding with animals, but some followers expressed concern over the proximity of the dog’s mouth to the child’s face.

Paris Hilton Criticized After Posting A Video Of A Dog Licking Her Son


Commenters advised caution, emphasizing the potential bacteria dogs carry and the risk of bites, despite Hilton referring to the dog as her son’s “sister.”



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The video ignited a debate on social media about the safety of such interactions between pets and infants.


“Don’t let him lick it. Dogs carry bacteria and clean their private parts with their tongues, and he is such a small baby”;

“I wonder why you teach the child to put his face so close to the dog’s mouth. No matter how much you love and trust the dog, it can bite him, and you know that he puts his muzzle in strange places.”, read some of the comments.


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