Maybe the best choice when the new Apple iPhone 11 comes out is to be patient before buying one, especially if you own one of the iPhone XS’s.

The iPhone 11 unveiling is two months away, but we have plenty of leaks and rumors about what it will be like.

There are some rumors that tell us the 2019 iPhone upgrade cycle will be comparatively modest, or a little bit bore. The far more significant changes will come in 2020.

If you’re looking especially for an iPhone with blazing-fast 5G network, you have to wait until the next year.

Some carriers have started to roll out the 5G network, but these are still early days to that technology and Apple has a long history of adopting technologies, rather than rushing to be the first.

With all that being said, maybe the best option is to wait for the 2020 iPhone models.

This is what to expect from 2019 iPhone 11. Skip it and wait for the 2020 iPhone 1

These are some of the changes for 2020 Apple iPhone

J.P. Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee speculated that there will be three 2020 iPhones models, that we still don’t know how they will be called. The three models will have a screen size of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches with OLED displays and of course, the 5G network.

Samik Chatterjee also added that at least two of the trio will have “Time of Flight” 3D sensors that promise to step up the quality of augmented and virtual reality games and some other custom applications.

But this is what to expect in September this year according to rumors

Design: When it comes to the design, the new iPhones probably won’t have some dramatic design changes. All three models will likely match the current iPhone lineup with 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inch models.

Notch: It still remains to be seen whether the notch covering the sensors on the front of the current iPhones will be reduced or disappear with the new models. But some renders shows us that this year will have the same big top-notch.

Cameras: There will be three iPhone 11 models this year and at least two of them will have a triple camera setup with improved optics. That would give a shooter more flexible wide-angle and zoom options. iPhone 11 may give you an option to better capture photos in dim light, like Google’s Pixel and OnePlus that do very well.

Battery life: The battery will likely get at least a little bit better than previous models. We hope that there will be room internally for bigger batteries and some software improvements.

Wireless Charging: Another expected feature will let you wirelessly charge AirPods or other smartphones by placing them on the back of the new iPhones.

iOS Software: One thing that we already know for sure is that the latest iPhone 11 models will come out with iOS 13. You can download iOS 13 now in beta version. The latest software finally brings the Dark Mode interface for the iPhone, better privacy and redesigned Photos app.

The software alone is not a reason to buy some of the new iPhones, because the iOS 13 is compatible with iPhones even from 2015.

Cost: The price of the new iPhones will be similar if not identical to the current iPhone lineup: $749 on up for the XR, $999 for the XS, $1099 for the XS Max.

If you need new phone, we suggest you to wait if you can for the new Apple iPhone 11 or if you can’t wait and you don’t mind if it’s Android of iOS, we suggest you to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus.

When the new Apple iPhones came out, then the price of the old ones will go down. We suggest you to wait, if you want your new phone to be an iPhone.

Of course, there will be some surprises and features that we still don’t know, but Apple will unveiled in September. Until that, the rumors are there to help us know more about the upcoming smartphones before their release.

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