The former first lady of the United States has been living in Palm Beach, Florida since January 20. The Trump family has a reason to celebrate these days, but even Melania Trump’s congratulations to her son did not pass without criticism.

Melania Tamp carefully chooses a reason to appear on social media after moving with her family from the White House in Florida. Of course, she did not miss the birthday of one of the most important men in her life – her son Barron. The former first lady of the United States, unlike her husband Donald Trump, is not excluded from social networks and can continue to post whatever she wants.


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Barron Trump is the only child of Melania Trump and she is very committed to him

Barron Trump is the only child of Melania Trump



Barron Trump is the only child of Melania Trump and she is very committed to him



This weekend showed what her only 15th birthday looks like after she left Washington and all her duties. With a simple photo with black balloons in the shape of the number ’15’, Melania simply wrote “Happy birthday BWT”.

But even Melania’s congratulations on her son Barron could not go unnoticed, with some friends saying she “could have found a happier picture”, meaning that the black balloons were “very morbid”.

Melania is active on Twitter, posting something every few days – far fewer tweets than her husband posted, especially when she got angry at someone and shot many posts a minute.


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Nostalgic announcements

The former first lady marks some important dates, such as Women’s Day, and often recalls her travels and official duties in the previous four years of Trump’s term.




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“For the past few weeks, Melania Trump has been focusing on her motherly tasks as well as moving the family to their new home. The role of humanist and businesswoman is always present in her. She has many different ideas and will need time to realize them. No matter what happens, she will do it with quality,” read a statement issued by Melania’s office, published by the American media house in February.

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