What is Melania Trump suffering from behind her luxurious lifestyle? The marriage of Donald and Melania Trump is sparking public interest.

Melania Trump is the third wife of current US President Donald Trump. She is a fashion icon with a luxurious style. But why did she choose him?

We’ve once written about Donald Trump holding Melania as a hostage and you should read that too.

What is hidden behind closed doors in Donald and Melania’s Trump marriage?

Donald and Melania Trump Marriage

Donald and Melania Trump Marriage

When she was young, Melania struggled to succeed in the world of fashion. She met Donald when she was 28 years old.

Besides him, she made her dream come true and got the luxurious life and numerous covers of famous fashion magazines she dreamed of. Donald, on the other hand, got a young, beautiful girl to be proud of.

But not everything is so rosy in their home. Here are some facts about their marriage.

They had one type of contract before her pregnancy. Donald “allowed” her to have children only if Melania returned her fit body after the pregnancy.

Dark Secrets of Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Dark Secrets of Donald Trump and Melania Trump Marriage

In July 2006, months after Melania’s delivery, rumors surfaced that Donald had an affair with Stormy Daniels.

Since he was married for the third time, Donald says he has chosen a woman who will say “yes” to everything and is different from his two previous wives, Ivana and Marla.

Donald, known for his specificity, demands daily acknowledgments from Melania that he is the best at everything.

In 1999, in a TV show, he gave details about sex with Melania, but also evaluated the appearance of other women’s bodies.

Imagine, he once said that if he experienced a car accident because of Melania, he would still love her and be with if her chest remained not injured.

Melania always has to defend him to the public, when more accusations against Dolnald’s sexual harassment to other women swim to the surface.

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