The famous YouTuber, known for the nicknames “Total Biscuit” and “Cynical Brit”, died at the age of 33 after a grueling battle with cancer.

British YouTuber and reviewer of games, John Bain, had over 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, but stopped by reviews in early May, when it was already apparent that he was losing the battle with severe illness.

His wife, Genna Bain, announced the news of his death on Twitter with the poem Love Constant Beyond Death by Francisco de Quevedo.

John Bain often criticized many popular games, and his fans of Reddit celebrated him as an advocate for indie developers who supported them through his videos and podcasts.

In 2014, John was diagnosed with bowel cancer, and a year later, he announced that the cancer was terminal because it extended to the liver and other parts of his body.

Three weeks ago at Reddit, Bain announced that he was withdrawing because his organism was no longer responding to chemotherapy and explained that he probably “he does not have much more.”

After the sad news, many have been forgiven of John Bain on social networking sites, and only a few hundred publications were dedicated to Reddit yesterday.

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