Singer Jennifer Lopez 3 years ago posted a photo in which she and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez are walking in New York. The photo was taken by photographer Steve Sands and is copyrighted to him.

JLO obviously has a lot of money, so the numerous warnings and then the lawsuits that reached her address did not make her withdraw that photo from her Instagram profile. JLO is charged with a felony and it required about $150,000, but she stubbornly would not give in!

According to the lawsuit, filed in a court in California Jennifer never obtained permission from the agency to publish the photograph. So now, Jennifer and her production company Nuyorican Productions have been charged with copyright infringement and are being asked to pay about $ 150,000 in damages.

Photographer Sands claims that Jennifer Lopez used this photo on June 22, 2017, without his consent.

“At a time when Lopez copied and distributed the photo, she knew that she had no authorization or permission to do so. Since the profile has 100 million followers, its unauthorized use and disclosure of photography caused material prejudice existing and future trade of the original photograph.”- said the photographer.

One person wrote: “Imagine being sued for posting a picture of YOURSELF.”

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