As we all know, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) it is spreading very fast and we must follow the advice by the authorities. We also want to share with you some tips that everyone should follow and stay safe.

How can the coronavirus spread:

You must also know how the coronavirus spread from person to person. The virus can spread if you are in:

  • close contact with an infectious person, even in the 24 hours before they started showing symptoms.
  • contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze
  • touching objects or surfaces (like doorknobs or tables) that have a cough or sneeze droplets from an infected person, and then touching your mouth or face


Coronavirus tips to stay safe and healthy:


1. The cold water and snow can’t kill the coronavirus

Stop believing in this, because cold water and snow can’t kill the new coronavirus. Regardless of the temperature outside, the normal human body temperature remains around 36.5°C to 37°C. So, frequently cleaning your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water is the most effective way to protect yourself by the coronavirus.


2. Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will not kill the new coronavirus

If the virus already entered in your body, spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will not kill the virus. Also, good to know is that spraying such substances can be harmful to clothes or mucous membranes like eyes, mouth, etc.


3. Antibiotics aren’t effective in preventing and treating the coronavirus

Remember that antibiotics work only against bacteria, not viruses. So, antibiotics should not be used as a means of prevention or treatment.


4. Practise good hygiene

To protect yourself and everyone around you against infection and prevent the virus from spreading, everyone must practise good hygiene. Good hygiene includes:

  • using alcohol-based hand sanitisers
  • disposing of tissues properly
  • if you are sick, avoid contact with others and stay more than 1.5 metres away from people
  • cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue
  • washing your hands often with soap and water, including before and after eating and after going to the toilet
  • cleaning and sanitising frequently used objects such as mobiles, keys and wallets


5. When to wear facemask?

If you are sick you should wear a facemask when you are around other people, because you can spread the virus trough cough, sneezes and even talking, because when you talk sometimes you drop small spits.

If you are not sick you don’t need to wear a facemask, except if you are around someone that is sick and doesn’t wear a facemask.



Watch this video and learn how to properly wash your hands and prevent the coronavirus:

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