Discover celebrities with massive fanbases and equally massive haters. The world’s most famous individuals face constant scrutiny, and even minor missteps trigger a flood of negative reactions.


Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans

Check out some of the most polarizing figures on social media.

Kendall Jenner

Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


Kardashian-Jenner sisters draw both fans and haters. Kendall, despite a quieter public presence, faced criticism for cultural appropriation with her tequila brand in 2021. Earlier, she was in a controversial Pepsi ad. Despite criticism, she maintains a strong fan base.



Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


Drake, a popular musician, faced controversies in his private life. In 2018, he was criticized for inappropriate correspondence with minor Millie Bobby Brown.

Earlier, it was revealed he had a secret child, faced sexual harassment accusations, and was involved in various scandals, making him a frequent target of online criticism.


Scott Disick

Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


Scott Disick, known as Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, is infamous for his mistreatment of domestic helpers, disrespectful comments to Kourtney, infidelity, and relationships with much younger girls, making him one of the most disliked celebrities.


Dan Bilzerian

Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


Dan, once famous for poker, is now criticized for boasting about wealth and women, with many expressing concerns that he exploits women and shouldn’t be a role model for young men.


Logan Paul

Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber, faced public outrage for filming in Japan’s ‘suicide forest,’ showing disrespect to the deceased and later apologizing publicly.

He’s been involved in various scandals, including controversial pranks and sharing questionable advice, making him one of the most followed yet also most hated online personalities.


Ellen DeGeneres

Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


The beloved host faced backlash when mistreatment of employees came to light, resulting in public apologies. Despite efforts, Ellen’s reputation didn’t recover, and her show ended in 2022.


Amber Heard

Celebrities Who Have More Haters Than Fans


Amber became highly disliked in showbiz due to her trial with Johnny Depp. Accusations turned against her, revealing unsavory details that damaged her reputation and career.




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