The presiding judge granted Britney Spears’ request. Namely, Britney Spears submitted a request to address the court. The request was accepted and the next hearing on the custody status of Britney Spears is scheduled.

Britney Spears is ready to speak on her own behalf, the court estimates. At a hearing on the singer’s long-standing custody of the singer’s freedom and life, her lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III said Britney had asked him to request a new hearing in which she could speak.


The presiding judge granted Britney Spears’ request

Britney Spears’s lawyer didn’t want to reveal what Britney wanted to talk about in court, only saying that it was about custody status. Britney Spears has been in the care of her father for 13 years. The lawyer also suggested that the hearing be held in an expedited procedure, preferably for 30 days.

Judge Brenda Penny approved the application and scheduled the next hearing for the custody status of Britney Spears for June 23rd. An additional hearing is scheduled for July.



Britney Spears rarely commented on the situation that started in 2008. Britney has reportedly been adamant against her father James Spears returning as the sole custodian of her career and finances. He resigned as a guardian due to deteriorating health problems.

The situation in which pop star Britney Spears finds herself has worried many of her fans, so they have been united in the Free Britney movement for years.


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