In a recent Instagram reveal, global icon Beyoncé unveiled a dramatic hair color change, opting for a striking platinum blonde look. However, the pop sensation faced a wave of criticism from some fans who claimed she was attempting to lighten her skin.

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)


Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)

The Grammy-winning singer shared multiple photos showcasing her new hairstyle and two different outfits, yet the focus shifted to speculations about her complexion. A section of her followers argued that Beyoncé’s skin appeared lighter, suggesting the possibility of skin-lightening treatments.

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)


@onlinemagazinenews Beyonce’s Skin Tone Controversy 👀🔍 #shorts Beyoncé’s hair switch-up had fans talking, but some took it to a whole new level… 🤔 ❗️ Beyoncé’s hair color caused a stir! What’s your take on the skin tone chatter? 🤯 Share your thoughts in the comments! 💬👇 👉🏻 Read more here: 🌟 To learn more about the latest news, click the link in the bio! #beyonce #skincare #blonde #mother #tinaknowles #transformation #style #losangeles #celebritynewsupdate #trending #viralvideo #viralvideoshorts #shortsfeed ♬ original sound – Online Magazine News


Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles wasted no time addressing the critics and defending her daughter. Taking to Instagram, Tina posted a photo of Beyoncé and issued a passionate response to what she referred to as “stupid, ignorant, and racist comments.”


“I saw the post today and decided to share it after seeing all the stupid, ignorant and racist comments about her lightening her skin and wearing platinum blonde hair because she wants to be white,” Tina Knowles wrote on her Instagram post.


Setting the record straight, Tina explained the context behind Beyoncé’s bold hair choice, stating, “She’s doing a movie, it’s called Renaissance, and the whole theme is silver with silver hair, silver carpet, and I suggested a silver outfit, and you clowns take that to mean she wants to be a white woman and lighten her skin?”



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Despite the controversy, Beyoncé confidently stepped onto the premiere red carpet for her film “Renaissance” on November 30. The singer turned heads in a bold black dress with a revealing slit, showcasing her fashion-forward approach.

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)


Proudly posing with her fashionably dressed daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé embraced her individuality amidst the noise surrounding her recent style choices.

The mother-daughter duo undoubtedly stole the spotlight, emphasizing that Queen Bey remains unapologetically true to herself.

Beyoncé Skin Tone Controversy (Big Change)


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