Khloé Kardashian, this afternoon revealed the name of her and Tristan Thompson’s newborn daughter – True. The 33-year-old mother Khloé, made the announcement on social media with a sweet message, “Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE. Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy looooove you True!”


The meaning of the name “True” is the same as the word “true.” says it means “real, genuine” and describes it as “honest, loyal.” Merriam Webster dictionary has multiple definitions, including “being in accordance with the actual state of affairs,” “properly so called,” and phrases like “steadfast, loyal, honest, and just.”

Kris Jenner (the nomager and grandmother) assured that the name runs in the family. She explained on Twitter shortly after Khloé made the big reveal, “FUN FACT… my Grandfather’s name on my Dad’s side was True Otis Houghton….my real Dad’s name was Robert True Houghton…so i am so excited Khloe named her daughter True!!!”

Whether you like “True” or not, it’s surely a unique addition to the celebrity baby name lexicon. According to Social Security’s official website, the name is so rare, it’s not even in the top 1000 any year after 2000. Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson welcomed True, their first child, on Thursday in Cleveland.

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