Naomi Campbell is one of the most handsome, world-famous supermodels. But she is also one of the women with the harshest daily diet, which is probably not recommended for anyone.


When a slim line has an “expensive price”

The secret he keeps to his diet is that he eats only one meal a day.


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The chef reveals Naomi Campbell's raw diet

Naomi Campbell


The 50-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell has a chef who says that meals must be according to certain regulations because Naomi doesn’t consume dairy products, gluten and chicken.


“I have been cooking for her for a decade. It is my duty to make one meal a day from the groceries she chooses – simple and healthy.”, said the chef.


Naomi Campbell is a vegetarian and adheres to that type of diet


The chef Sean John, who prepares food for Naomi Campbell

The chef Sean John, who prepares food for Naomi Campbell


“Naomi never orders food from a restaurant. If he decides on that option, he will always look for something that is not on the menu. I always create new food for her.

It also doesn’t approve of the use of salt and pepper, so I have to use only natural, dried herbs.

When she travels, I make her food for the trip because the meals on the plane don’t suit her.”, said Sean John, who added that although he prepares food for Naomi, she does not eat meals from his restaurant.



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