During the pandemic coronavirus, even the famous are concerned and they try to provide assistance in various ways. Many donate money to help the communities around the world to fight COVID-19, and some appeal by a social network from their homes for the people to respect the rules and to sustain the measures via showing how they spend their time at home. Some organize online concerts to entertain their fans.

American singer Rihanna is known for her donations through her non-profit organization. She founded the foundation in 2012, which is named after her grandparents, “Clara and Lionel Braithwaite”. This non-profit organization provides emergency funds around the world as well as educational programs.

The singer does not spare even during the pandemic of COVID-19. She donated five million dollars to help the fight. The funds donated by Rihanna will be divided between various organizations around the world who need financial support. The World Health Organization, which is working on COVID-19 research, also received some of these funds.



Part of the money is intended for food banks that take care of the vulnerable categories of citizens and of course for the purchase of protective equipment for medical workers, which in these conditions is necessary.

Singer Rihanna also donated money to her native country Barbados. Her father was one of the positive COVID-19 in Barbados. After Rihanna heard the news, she bought a respirator for her father, even though they have been in a bad relationship for years.

“My daughter checked on me every day. Honestly, I thought I was going to die. I have to say, I love you, Robin,” said Rihanna’s father.

Although the respirator was delivered to his Barbados home, he did not have to use it. After 14 days, he was dismissed from the isolation center because he fully recovered.

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