Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger took matters into his own hands after he grew tired of the inactivity in his neighborhood and fixed a pothole that was causing problems for him and his neighbors.


fixed the pothole in the street


Arnold Schwarzenegger fixed the pothole in the street himself because he got tired of waiting for repairs

“After the whole neighborhood got upset about this huge pothole in the road that has been destroying cars and bikes for weeks, today I went out with my team and fixed it. I always say don’t complain, let’s do something about it.”, wrote the 75-year-old former governor of California on Twitter, where he posted a video of him repairing a road.



People praised the actor and former bodybuilder for rolling up his sleeves and doing the job himself.

“I love to see him, ex-governor fixing potholes,”

“I really like this!” This is a hit.”,

“I like this! To take action in your community!”,

“Come with me if you want to pave,” were just some of Schwarzenegger’s fan comments.


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