We still have to wait 2 months for the new Apple iPhone 11 release. On the internet you can find a lot of speculations about design and specification for the iPhone 11.

In our previous article we have some iPhone 11 rumors and everything we know about the specifications for now. Of course, everything is just a rumors and we have to wait until September to see what’s true and what’s not.

When it comes to iPhone 11 design, there will be not much of a changes. We still expect the same notch, with maybe bigger sensors and bezels on the side and bottom.

But, on the back things are different and we expect big square with triple camera setup. Well, the camera lenses will be a lot bigger than now.

Also, on the side the mute switch will be different and circular that will go up and down, not left and right like it is now. I really like the new switch design and I thing it will be much easier to use, especially when the phone is in pocket.

Now it’s time to see the few pictures with the most accurate design for the latest device by Apple, the newest iPhone for 2019 year.


Apple iPhone 11 Design

This is the Apple iPhone 11 in white

iPhone 11 Design

This is the iPhone 11 design in black

Apple iPhone 11 Design Mute Switch

Apple iPhone 11 Design Mute Switch

Two of the new Apple iPhones for 2019

These are the possible two variants of the iPhone 11’s.

If you want to see the design better, we recommend you to watch the Unbox Therapy video and see the new design of the iPhone 11 better.

What do you think about this design? Do you like it and would you buy it when the new Apple iPhone for 2019 comes out or maybe you will wait for the next year? I have mixed fillings about this iPhone, and I can’t say anything before it comes out.

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