In the 1990s, Victoria Beckham was one of the most famous singers in the world. Thanks to her career with the Spice Girls, almost all eyes were on her, and she hid for a long time that she had undergone cosmetic procedures during that period.

Victoria Beckham Admits Her Plastic Surgery Regrets


Victoria Beckham Admits Her Plastic Surgery Regrets

Namely, many were stunned when the singer appeared overnight with new, larger breasts and initially denied that she had undergone augmentation surgery. She claimed her voluptuous cleavage was down to glue and a push up bra.

“I’m completely natural, except that I have artificial nails and they helped me a little with my hair and with the artificial tan.”, said Victoria.


But in 2017, she gave an interview where she admitted that she still implanted silicones.

Victoria Beckham Admits Her Plastic Surgery Regrets


The singer admitted she had breast augmentation surgery shortly after giving birth to son Brooklyn in 1999, and in a recent interview with Allure magazine, she admits she regrets the procedure and is now embarrassed to talk about it with her 12-year-old. year old daughter Harper.

“If I’m being honest, I wish I’d never had implants. It was a short period in my life and I think that one day I will share that experience with my daughter, but we haven’t gotten there yet.”, she said.


Victoria Beckham Admits Her Plastic Surgery Regrets


According to media reports, Victoria initially paid 10,000 British pounds for breast augmentation, and then had another operation in 2001 to increase them even more.

But in an interview from 2009, she admitted that she had an operation to remove the implants, so she said:

“I have no more torpedoes!”


Today, she says she cringes at photos featuring her silicones in the foreground.

“For many years I denied that I had silicone implants. It was a sign of insecurity. Today I know that I should be proud of what I have.”, said Victoria.


Victoria Beckham Admits Her Plastic Surgery Regrets




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