The aftermath of their breakup continues to make headlines in the ever-evolving drama between Shakira and Gerard Piqué. A year after the couple went their separate ways due to Piqué’s infidelity, recent events suggest that the tensions are far from over.


Shakira Opens Up: Addressing Infidelity and Revealing Gerard Piqué's Bedroom Problems


Shakira Opens Up: Addressing Infidelity and Revealing Gerard Piqué’s Bedroom Problems

Shakira’s initial discovery of Piqué’s cheating triggered the end of their relationship. The singer didn’t hold back, expressing her feelings through a song that quickly became viral on YouTube. Piqué responded with humor, attempting to diffuse the situation, and for a while, it seemed like the controversy had subsided.

However, Shakira’s latest release “Copa Vacia” featuring Manuel Turizo, hints at lingering issues with Gerard Piqué. Speculations arise as certain lyrics allude to the soccer player’s alleged lack of affection, both emotionally and physically. The song suggests dissatisfaction and a plea for attention from her former partner.

Shakira Opens Up: Addressing Infidelity and Revealing Gerard Piqué's Bedroom Problems


Notably, there are rumors that Shakira might have been aware of Piqué’s infidelity even before their separation, as indicated by the lyrics addressing the need for attention. Whether Shakira will address these speculations remains to be seen.

Adding to the mix, journalist Sussana Griso has criticized Shakira for what she perceives as playing the victim card. Griso expressed her frustration on her show, questioning the extent to which Shakira has made their breakup public. The journalist urged Shakira to move on and suggested that life has more significant challenges than a publicized separation.

As the public eagerly awaits Shakira’s response to both the speculations about her new song and the criticism from the journalists, the ongoing saga between the Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer star continues to captivate fans and critics alike.


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