Known for her wit, model Chrissy Teigen became the mother for the second time, and she has never ceased to joke on her own self. She again shamelessly showed how the breasts of breastfeeding mothers look.

Chrissy recently gave birth to son Miles and almost every day she shares the magic of motherhood and life after giving birth with her fans.

The latest post she shared has caused stormy reactions to social networks.

On Twitter and her Instagram story, Crissy Teigen asked her followers to “please look at my veins going to my milky boobs,” because apparently being a baby food factory isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

“What is this?” she asked her 10.6 million followers, at least one of whom has to be a doctor.

La Leche League USA, an organization dedicated to breastfeeding education and support, chimed in with an explanation: literal thin skin.

Shortly before this, just four days after childbirth, she also published a photograph of herself in a netted panties and proudly showed her postpartum stomach.

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