Michael Schumacher, the legendary Formula 1 driver, may make his first public appearance since his skiing accident in 2013 at his daughter Gina-Maria’s wedding to Jan Bethke this summer.

Michael Schumacher Will Appear In Public For The First Time Since The Accident At His Daughter's Wedding


First Public Appearance for Michael Schumacher at Daughter’s Wedding Since Accident

The wedding will be held at Schumacher’s estate in Mallorca, a property purchased by his wife, Corinna, in 2018.

Michael Schumacher Will Appear In Public For The First Time Since The Accident At His Daughter's Wedding


The estate has a small private clinic where Schumacher’s condition is monitored constantly, eliminating the need for him to be transported elsewhere for the celebration.

“In addition to his family, Schumacher is constantly cared for by a team of about 15 doctors and nurses. The assumption is that he is already in Mallorca and could attend the wedding. Of course, there is no confirmation and there probably won’t be until that day. There will be strong security measures, it is unlikely that any of this will leak to the public. This would be the first time after the accident that Schumacher would appear in public.”, Corriere della Sera writes.


He got injured exactly ten years ago. On that day, no one could even imagine how serious the accident was. For all these years, only little information about him has reached the public, because his wife Corina hides the real situation.

He does not know if he can perform some, even basic functions such as eye movement or if he is completely immobile.


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