A man was killed after a rescue helicopter crashed after losing control during a dramatic rescue mission.

The picture was made at the moment when the helicopter tried to save two people in Colombia. The men in the jungle suffered an accident after technical problems had demolished the helicopter, after which they had to wait seven days for another helicopter to come and save them.

They managed to survive until a helicopter was found and sent to save them. Unfortunately, while one of the two men was standing on the remains of his helicopter, the other helicopter briefly lost control and a man who was awaiting help personally smashed.

Then the rescue helicopter crashed, but the pilot survived the accident with minor injuries.

Colonel Fabio Rojas, police chief for the Cauca region where the crash took place, told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo: “What we know is that the (first) helicopter suffered a mechanical fault, and another aircraft was sent to transfer its cargo and also sustained mechanical failures that caused it to fall to the ground”.

Following the crash on 15 April Helifly said in a statement that its staff were “profoundly saddened” by Mr López Londoño’s death, and that his family was being kept up to date on “every detail” of the investigation.

The “competent authorities” were probing the circumstances of the crash, Helifly added.

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