According to a completely wrong report, Angelina Jolie wants to get “revenge” on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The story alleges Jolie is facing her “worst fear” now that Pitt and Aniston have supposedly reunited, and claims she’s striking back.


Jolie has been a “constant fixture on the red carpet” recently and is “pulling out all the stops to look simply stunning at every occasion,” but her “flawless show-off is purely for Brad and Jennifer’s benefit.” The narrative suggests Jolie wants her estranged husband and his ex-wife to see how well she’s doing, even though she’s privately upset. “Ange is one green-eyed woman right now and can’t stand the thought of Brad spending time with Jen,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

“She’s seething even thinking about it,” the tabloid’s supposed snitch continues, alleging Jolie was “always petrified” Aniston would “rear her head again.” In fact, the purported tipster claims Jolie would “squirm and spit venom” if she ever saw a “glimpse” of Aniston’s name during her marriage to Pitt. The gossip magazine even contends “Jennifer’s name was banned from the Jolie-Pitt household,” and asserts that with a “romantic reunion [in] the cards between Brad and Jennifer,” Jolie’s “biggest fears could be realized.”

The outlet’s aforementioned “source” alleges, “The very thought of Jen playing ‘stepmom’ to [her] kids… makes her toes curl. She says it’s her worst nightmare, which she can’t and won’t let happen.” The publication claims Jolie plans on getting her revenge by proving Pitt “got back with Jennifer before they had officially broken up in 2016. Angelina Jolie is convinced that proving they were talking before the split and uncovering their romance will give her more ammunition in her divorce battle with the actor.


“She hopes it will help her get full custody of the kids by exposing Brad’s ‘irresponsible’ behavior,” contends the “source,” prompting the tabloid to editorialize, “Sounds like the war is about to get even messier.” But while Jolie and Pitt do still need to work out their divorce settlement, there is no “war” involving Aniston. In fact, Pitt and Aniston haven’t even seen each other in ages.

The suggestion that they were carrying on an affair in 2016 behind Jolie’s back, while Aniston was committed to her own husband Justin Theroux, is out-and-out fiction. Indeed, this entire story relies on false premises. Pitt and Aniston were not secretly engaged in a “romance” during their respective marriages. Also, there’s no “romantic reunion” on the horizon now. Therefore, Jolie has no reason to get “revenge” on the pair or drag Aniston into her divorce proceedings.

The notion that Angelina Jolie is only attending red carpet events to get Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s attention is ridiculous and false. In most cases, she has been at awards shows, such as the BAFTAs earlier this month, because her film First They Killed My Father was nominated. Jolie’received special honors at other times too, like at the recent American Society Of Cinematographers Awards, and in other instances, she’s been invited to participate as a presenter. This all has nothing to do with Pitt and Aniston.

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