Yesterday, Ukraine ordered the evacuation of vulnerable categories of residents of the city of Kup’yans’k, on the northeastern border, where Russian forces are advancing, the military administration said.


Ukraine ordered a partial evacuation of the residents of Kup’yans’k in the Kharkiv region

“Mandatory evacuation of families with children and residents with reduced mobility has begun in the municipality of Kup’yans’k due to the continuous bombing of the territory by Russian forces.”, said the military administration of the Kharkiv region.


Ukraine ordered a partial evacuation of the residents of Kup'yans'k in the Kharkiv region


The governor of Kharkiv, Oleh Sinjehubov, said that Russian forces with multiple rocket launchers attacked several settlements, including Kup’yans’k.

Kup’yans’k, a city about a hundred kilometers from Kharkiv, had almost 30,000 inhabitants before the war. The Russians captured it in the first days of the offensive a year ago. The Ukrainians liberated the city in September after a lightning counter-offensive.

But Russian forces, bolstered by the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists in Russia, went on the offensive again in this sector, instilling fear in many residents.


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