Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed to their third royal baby. The exiting news were all over the internet. Not the question is, what the royal baby name will be?

Interesting fact is that previously, betters seemed set that Prince William and Kate Middleton were going to welcome a little girl, and the top favorite monikers included Alice, Mary, Elizabeth and Victoria.

But now we know that there is a new prince in town, what names have been tipped for the royal baby boy? It’s no surprise that the bookies have picked very traditional names for their line-ups this year:

Arthur, Albert, James, Philip, Thomas and Edward are all proving popular.

Since the Duchess gave birth, the bets are higher than ever on longtime favorites, Albert and Arthur, but now James is also becoming a popular option.


Meaning: Noble, bright

Origin: German, English, Hungarian, Swedish

Betting odds: 6-1 Ladbrokes, 9-2 William Hill

The baby may be named after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort, and King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II’s father), who was christened as Albert after his great-grandfather.


Meaning: bear (Celtic), according to Nameberry; noble, courageous (English), according to Babble

Betting odds: 2-1 Ladbrokes, 2-1 William Hill

In addition to the mythical, medieval king of Camelot, other royals have been named Arthur, but in more subtle ways. The baby’s father Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis, and grandfather Prince Charles’ full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, according to Royal Central. Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of Princess Margaret (the Queen’s sister) and Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, named her son Arthur.


Meaning: supplanter

Origin: Hebrew

Betting odds: 4-1 Ladbrokes, 5-1 William Hill, 4-1 Coral

The child could share a name with King James VI of Scotland (AKA King James I of England) who ruled both countries from 1603 until his death. In more recent history, Prince Edward (the Queen’s youngest son) and his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones welcomed a son named James in 2007. The 10-year-old is Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest grandchild.


Meaning: lover of horses

Origin: Greek

Betting odds: 8-1 Ladbrokes, 10-1 William Hill, 10-1 Coral

Giving the new prince this name would be an obvious tribute to his great-grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, he’d also share a name with his grandfather and father, because Prince Charles’ full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, and Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis.


Meaning: defender of the people

Origin: Greek

Betting odds: 10-1 Ladbrokes, 6-1 William Hill

In addition to sharing a moniker with the legendary ancient Greek king, Alexander the Great, the new baby boy would also have the same name as big brother Prince George, whose full name is George Alexander Louis. It’s also a slight tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, whose middle name is Alexandra.

What do you think, what will be the royal baby name? Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below.

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