The former Los Angeles Lakers champion, Lamar Odom, announced a return to basketball courts. Odom last played for Bascania in two games in 2014, after which he was returned to America due to a back injury, and his biggest success was in the shirt of the “Lakers”, which won two championship rings.

The 38-year-old was leaving Gold’s Gym in Glendale – where we saw him putting in work earlier this week – and he told that it’s all part of his comeback plan.

“I’m just working out trying to work my way back overseas,” Odom told to TMZ.

Lamar Odom faced a life-threatening situation after he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel in October 2015. He spent four days in a coma after the accidental drug overdose.

He discussed his recovery at The Players’ Tribune last July:

“Every morning when I wake up, I look at the same pictures. Pictures of people who are gone. My mother, my grandmother, my son Jayden, my best friend Jamie. People who are still here. My two beautiful kids.

“I just look at their faces for a few minutes, and it’s like a reminder of what life is supposed to be about. I feel warm, I feel an energy and I feel love. That s**t gets me through the day. It’s like taking my vitamins.”

Odom told to TMZ Sports that he does not care where he will play, but that his desire was to be in Italy.

“I train to try to get back to basketball through the ocean,” said Lamar Odom.

In his career, besides the two championship rings, Odom won the award for the best sixth player of the year.

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