Carla Fitzgerald from Ireland has had obesity problems all her life. As her weight increased, she began to fear that she would no longer fit in a seat on a plane or city bus. Because of this and other problems caused by her obesity, in January last year, Carla decided to make a change and in about 14 months she lost an incredible 181 lbs.



Carla Fitzgerald (34) from Dublin, Ireland, has struggled with weight gain for years and realized that if she continued as before, she would soon be unable to board an airplane, she said.

So in January last year, she set a goal to lose weight, and to motivate herself to continue, she began photographing her progress.

With drastic changes in life habits, Carla lost as much as 181 lbs and says that now for the first time she feels great in her own skin, but also that she can finally wear the clothes she wants.


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“I decided that I was ready to start losing weight in January last year, after going to therapy to get help. I have had weight and diet problems all my life. I tried every diet that exists, but I never succeeded. I kept thinking about what I was going to eat next, even while I was eating. I burned between 3000 and 5000 calories every day. Every day while I was at work, I ate fast food for lunch. If I did not order fast food, I would eat huge portions of pasta, chips or any other high-calorie food full of carbohydrates. But after I went to therapy, I realized that my body was not my enemy and that I needed to improve my life for the better.”, Carla Fitzgerald reveals.


Before she started losing weight, Carla was diagnosed with food addiction. Carla Fitzgerald even avoided looking in the mirror and says that she was not even aware of how fat she was. For a while, she tried to accept obesity, but subconsciously knew she had to change something.


“I was finally ready for the last time to try to lose weight. “Then I started controlling my calorie intake and walked for an hour every day.”


In order to motivate herself, she began photographing her progress. And only when she began to lose weight did she realize how much obesity made her life difficult:


“Before, I parked next to the store because I could not go. Climbing the stairs was very tiring for me. I started to worry that if I went to a restaurant, he would not pick me up in the chair. Going on vacation was also a horror for me because I was afraid he would not fit me in the airplane seat. It was torture. But now I do not have to think about these things. I feel very free.”



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Carla Fitzgerald says she made the decision to lose weight before the pandemic situation worsened, but quarantine helped her focus on herself, create a routine and reach her goal more easily.



“I had very small victories when I started to lose weight. I remember the first time I was able to sit cross-legged and the first time I was able to wear socks without sitting. My skin has become healthier and my hair is much fuller. I lost weight so quickly that it took me a while to get used to the new self. In fact, I’m still shocked when I look in the mirror.”




Carla Fitzgerald is sure that she made the right decision and says that she finally feels like a woman.

“I am a different person now. I am full of pride, joy and hope. I have never felt this way before.”


However, the most important thing is that every body is different and reacts differently to different weight loss methods, so it is always best to consult a professional when trying to lose a lot of extra pounds.


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